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February 08, 2012

Red Elephant NI 43-101 Technical Report

November 30, 2011

Assessment Report on the Red Elephant Property

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Press Release - February 06, 2015

GMR Annual Financial Report

Press Release - March 28, 2014

GMR Annual Financial Report

Press Release - November 04, 2013

GMR Global Mineral Resources Corp

Press Release - October 02, 2013

Rock Samples Recovered from Red Elephant Property

Press Release - September 02, 2013

GMR Annual Financial Report

2013 GMR Audited Statements

2013 GMR Audited Statements

Press Release - March 08, 2012

Rock Samples Recovered from Red Elephant Property

Press Release - August 22, 2011

GMR Red Elephant Gold Exploration Program

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Dr. Claus G.J. Wagner-Bartak, President & CEO
Peter U. Sederowsky, Director & Chairman of the Board of Directors
Edward C. Rochette, Director
Bhagyesh Dash, Director
Norbert Stocker, MBA, Director
Gary Handley, Director

Dr. Claus G.J. Wagner-Bartak, President & CEO

Claus Wagner-Bartak

A winner: George page; Deputy-director of the Kennedy space centre (right) and Claus Wagner-Bartak (with mustache and glasses) and other employees at north york's spar aerospace LTD. Give the thumbs up to the canadarm they developed for the u.s. space shuttle. Page presented achievement awards to Wagner-Bartak and the 35 members of his team from spar; Ottawa's national research council and CAE industries.

Dr. Claus G. Wagner-Bartak is a highly accomplished multidisciplinary engineer, scientist and business executive. He pioneered and coordinated several innovative mega-projects like the research and development of the CanadArm, an outstanding key operational system for the NASA Space Shuttle and Space Station missions. Dr. Wagner-Bartak also developed and guided state-of-the art industrial robot developments for demanding environments, including underwater applications. Dr. Claus Wagner-Bartak has been President of the Titanium Corporation, a Canadian public mining company, during the early phases of corporate establishment, definition and securing of mining, mineral and ore assets and the financial and business structuring as a viable going concern.

Dr. Wagner-Bartak evaluated and assessed environmental aspects in the mining industry with the objective of eliminating potential damage and pollutants to the environment and applying green technologies for the mining industry. Emphasizing environmental and human operators health considerations, Dr. Claus Wagner-Bartak has for many years evaluated, advised, and consulted on general mining operations. He has been a strong advocate for environmental and pollution controls and modernized natural treatments for illnesses and diseases.

Dr. Wagner-Bartak has financed, managed and directed research at the University of California Los Angeles and established, amongst others, state-of-the-art research laboratories for new metallurgical and diamond deposition projects.

As polymath, he is a sought-after consultant to business and governments involving frontier technologies, innovations, and business systems. During his professional career he has led multinational aerospace projects from sounding rockets to interplanetary spacecraft and space shuttle systems, developed information and measurement technology systems, and founded successful business ventures resulting also in the development of novel pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and advanced chemical products.

A recipient of the NASA Public Service Medal, the NASA Astronaut Award, the International Joseph Engelberger Award (Robotics) and the Engineering Medal of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, Dr. Claus Wagner-Bartak received his university education and training in sciences at Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, at the University of Vienna, Austria, and in Business Administration and Engineering Management at Technical University, Munich, Germany. He has served on the board of directors for a number of publicly listed companies.

Peter Sederowsky, Director & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Peter U. Sederowsky is active in private equity and venture capital, and has directorship experience in companies on the London Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq/OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange, AIM (London) and the NGM (Stockholm) and the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V).

He is s director and the chairman of the board of GeoReach Ltd. In addition he serves as an advisor to Mechel OAO, an important Russian company (listed on the NYSE) with businesses in mining, steel, ferroalloy and power as well as to the well known apparel manufacturer Champion. He held the position as Chairman of the mining company East Asia Minerals Corporation and was a Director of East Asia Minerals Corporation since September 6, 2011 (and was its Lead Independent Director since October 24, 2012).

Mr Sederowsky holds a master's degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Edward C. Rochette, Director

Mr. Rochette is an internationally known negotiator and transaction specialist with over 35 years of experience in International Business, Land Management and Natural Resources.

Edward is currently managing a start-up Agricultural Fund, with the purpose to fund natural resource related business developments in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. The initial businesses of the fund include a coconut wood flooring business, coconut oil processing, bio-diesel, aquaculture development, natural insecticides and confectionary foods, and a consulting and business development unit.

Experience involved setting up initial corporate and the legal structure for new ventures, including the corporate entities, assisting in the preparation of taking companies public on international stock exchanges, negotiating joint venture agreements, the acquisition of property rights, obtaining operating licenses, setting up the structure to manage the licenses, leases and joint venture agreements, and legal due diligence.

Currently he is the CEO and a Director on the Board of Directors of East Asia Minerals Corporation, a company listed on the TSX, and is also a board member of several private companies working in Asia.

Mr. Rochette is also a frequent speaker at conferences in Asia on topics including Mining, Agriculture Development, Investing in Emerging Markets and Alternative Energy sources from biofuels

Bhagyesh Dash, Director

Bhagyesh is a co-founding director at Bromius Capital, a Singapore based natural resource focused advisory and investment firm. Bhagyesh has over two decades of investment banking and corporate advisory experience in the mining and broader natural resources sector across Asia. During 12 years living in Jakarta Bhagyesh advised the Government of Indonesia on the privatisation of the state owned mining companies as well as on the divestment by international companies of stakes in leading Indonesian coal companies Kaltim Prima Coal, Adaro and Arutmin Coal. Bhagyesh has extensive relationships with mining companies and resource investors globally and has featured numerous times in the media as a leading commentator on the Asian mining sector.

Mr. Norbert Stocker, MBA

Mr. Stocker is an international financial and business executive. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Financial Pacific, one of the largest independent bond underwriters in Latin America. Mr. Stocker's experience also includes several high ranking positions in wealth management, investment advisory firms and investment banking companies. He has specialized in traditional investments and also has expertise with derivatives, securities and forex markets, both as a trader and money manager.

Mr. Stocker has worked as a senior executive with a wide range of companies including Swiss Bank Corp., where he served as Assistant Vice President, Head of Precious Metals in Canada and later held the same position for Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region. He has also worked at Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA (now Bank Julius Baer) in Geneva as VP of Special Projects and at Amirali Management Ltd. located in Dubai and the Bahamas, where he was co-founder and Wealth Management Advisor.

Mr. Stocker's skills and experience will allow GMR greater access to strategic partners and investors as well as provide world-class counsel regarding future financial transactions.

Gary Handley, Director

Mr. Handley has thirty years of extensive management experience in both the financial services and mining sectors.

Mr. Handley was a founder and Director at First Canada Securities International (1983-1995) and Meridian Securities International (1988-1995), both of which were sold in 1995 to Canada Trust Company.

Since 1998, Mr. Handley has provided management, funding, and advisory services to junior resource clients.

From 2004-2006, Mr. Handley was COO of Geotech Airborne Geophysics; a world leading helicopter and airplane geophysical survey and data company. Since then, he has a part of the management and development of exploration mining projects.

Mr. Handley is currently active in International commodity trading as an intermediary advisor.

GMR - Independent Qualified Person (QP)

John C. Archibald P.Geo.

John C. Archibald P.Geo. is the acting independent qualified person as defined by NI 43-101. Mr. Archibald's academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Geology with honours, from Carleton University - 1973 - H.B.Sc., Geol., a fellow in the Geological Association of Canada (FGAC) since 1982, past memberships in C.I.M.M., O.P.A., P.D.A.C., Cdn. Geotechnical Assoc., Ontario Association of Professional Geosciences - A.P.G.O., and 2 years. in Geological Engineering at U of T, Toronto 69-71.

Mr. Archibald's experience includes (but is not limited to): Working as a senior hydro-geologist and consulting exploration geologist (P.Geo., QP, APGO) carrying project supervision, site evaluations, environmental audits, Inspector for the Ontario Provincial abandoned mines program, plant design and supervision for mineral processing; junior resource financings, tailings evaluations, soil remediation programs and qualifying and 43-101 National Instrument report- writing

Mr. Archibald's work in the environmental field with a soil/water sampling company included geotechnical soil testing, soil profiling, environmental audit sampling and phase 1-2 environmental audits with major engineering firms across Canada. He also carried out environmental baseline studies, tailings impound studies, mine hazard identification and remediation.

Mr. Archibald has supervised the preparation of the scientific and technical information that forms the basis for the mineral property disclosures on this website and has approved the disclosure herein.

GMR - Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Claus G.J. Wagner-Bartak, President & CEO

Mike Linn - Geologist

Mr. Linn is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a B.Sc. in Geology in 1970. Mr. Linn's early experience was in surface exploration projects in B.C., the Yukon, and underground at Granduc. Mr. Linn has spent many years in the Kootenay area; working for various companies, and on his own claims.

In 1988 and 1989 he worked for Roper Resources on the Abbott, Wagner and Red Elephant properties, as well as the surrounding areas. During this time a drilling program outlined some of the ore shoots at the Red Elephant.

In 1997, he worked at San Jose de Gracia in Sinaloa State, Mexico. This started with a drilling program, and ended with underground mining from 2002 to 2006. During this time Mr. Linn was in charge of the mining activities, surface workers, and trucking to the mill; managing 22 workers. At this gold mine, there were rich ore shoots along a quartz breccia fault zone; a similar system of gold mineralization associated with some copper is found at the Red Elephant mine.

In 2008, Mr Linn started a Mexican company; Minera Canvista, which now has a property optioned out, with underground drifting to begin in the winter.